CSW (Christopher Stetson Wilson), Founder

Creator of Art & Wit, The Invisible Life of Poet, Caves, and the serial novel TerrorZoo. Writer of The Commonwealth of Animals, Let's Make Food,  and Funtasia.

Born and raised in Lakeland, Florida, he was bullied and rejected and raised in a loveless home. Later he escaped to New England where he eventually became a talented hipster. He currently lives in Cambridge.


Artist, Gutter Street and Uncle Ron's Attic (Instagram)

FEL has been drawing since birth and making comix since she was allowed to use the stapler. None of them were good. Because her friends were kind enough to tell her that they were, she continued to draw comix, got better and now people ask her to draw things for their websites.

Scary D

Writer: Gutter Street

An avid and rabid writer, Scary D used his liberal arts degree to become a Cambridge punk. He spends his days penning gory comics.

Das Büt

Creator of Good Morning, Mister Dick!

The whereabouts of Das Büt are unknown.


Emeritus Creators

The Great Yumbowza

Artist of The Commonwealth of Animals and Funtasia

Cartoonist and painter of strange people he has yet to meet but will most likely meet one fateful day.


Nathan Dahlberg

Former Developer of DwiceFox.com

Nathan is a web developer based in Atlanta, GA.  He has a masters degree in philosophy and specializes in the philosophy of language and cognitive science.